Downtown Ottawa Acupuncture clinic with registered acupuncturist
Xu Acupuncture Ottawa reception room

Welcome to Xu Acupuncture Ottawa

Our primary mission is to provide high quality professional acupuncture and manual therapy (acupressure or Tui Na) treatments to our patients

Do you have chronic pain?

You may have been tried many therapies and you are still not satisfied. We understand that you feel frustrated and hard to find someone good to help you out.

We provide excellent treatment for: acute and chronic pain, car and sports injuries, concussion, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, low back pain, knee pain, arthritis, migraine, shingles, stress, insomnia, fatigue, hot flashes, cosmetic acupuncture. and more.

Jicai Xu is a registered acupuncturist, former medical doctor and has a PhD in acupuncture. He has more knowledge and years of valuable experience in treating wide range of diseases, especially in pain and sports injuries. He was able to help many people back to normal life. No matter how obscure your particular condition maybe, he may help you using acupuncture. We have treated concussion patients with great success, same with patients who experience chronic pain for over a decade, and patients who have had several surgery treatments. He always strive to his best and keep high standard professional practice.